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Castle 1x10 A Death In The Family

What is it with men and boobs, anyway?

Clark Kent  » 3x01 Exile

Clark Kent  » 3x01 Exile

Nathan Fillion - Guardians of the Galaxy World Premiere


Castle BTS 7x01 (x) (x)

God she looks so stunning and the girls so happy :) Super cute
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All Caskett Kisses in 500px

Dressed to Kill ➡ Kiss 1





Stana Katicthrough the years

what the fuck happened in 2008

Hahahahaha ikr

2008 THOUGH!

Castle 1x10 A Death In The Family

You don’t think I haven’t memorized every line in that file? My first three years on the force, every off-duty moment was spent looking for something someone missed. It took me a year of therapy to realize, if I didn’t let it go, it was going to destroy me. And so I let it go.